Fixed Pod and Beaver Tail Rudder Package - FREE SHIPPING

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This package includes the Fixed Jonny Pod Trolling Motor, along with our Beaver Tail Rudder system. FREE SHIPPING WITH PACKAGE PURCHASE!!

Looking to power up your Bass 100? Don't be left behind, upgrade your Jonny Boats Bass 100 experience and get there faster with the Jonny Pod Fixed Trolling Motor paired with the Beaver Tail Rudder Kit (sold separately). Features a 40lb thrust electric motor with variable speed control powered by a 12V battery. Use alone or combine with your Outboard for the ultimate Jonny Boats experience.  

*Requires rudder for steering. Battery not included.

Battery Draw
  • Draw at full speed - 38 amps
  • Draw at half speed - 16 amps
  • Settings 1 to 4 are gradual incremental increases in the amp draw. Full speed is a jump up to 38 amps.

  • A 40 or 50 amp hour battery will run for an hour at full speed.

Take control of the Bass 100's tracking and improve your paddling efficiency with the “Beaver Tail" Rudder Kit. 

Perfect when you decide to paddle the boat or use the fixed Jonny Trolling Motor Pod. The oversized rudder blade’s action is controlled by a set of foot controls (included with the kit). The rudder system provides the ultimate paddling experience when you find yourself on the water on a windy day or in waters with strong currents. Installation required.

Click here to view install instructions.