So Who In The Hell is Jonny Anyway?

Well, as the story goes, Jonny is not a person per se, but rather a concept or a lifestyle that was born through a boat dock conversation between two guys, a few beers and a fish nibble on Lake Lure nestled within the mountains of North Carolina. Jim Hager, head of Feelfree US and Joy Sports' small watercraft designer, Peter Murphy, were reflecting on all the years they have spent designing and selling kayaks, swapping stories of the good old days, fishing with uncle Johnny, classic cars, girlfriends and of course boats. This conversation, nostalgic in nature, inspired the boys to develop the concept of a personal boat similar to that of the classic Jon Boat - the Bass 100, designed to make it your own. It’s not a kayak or skiff, not even a powerboat but rather all of the above and more, which is why we simply call it a JONNY BOAT - for the rest of us. For the guy or gal who likes the concept of a kayak but doesn’t want to be confined to the restrictions of human powered propulsion. The Bass 100 is designed to offer freedom of choice with the ability to outfit, with pride, their own watercraft to fit their needs and budget. Whether you choose to paddle or kick it up a notch with an outboard or trolling motor with Jonny kits or do it yourself outfitting - Go Your Own Way.